Facebook Lead Generation Technique

Facebook Private Messaging Tip:

I sent 40 facebook messages a day to local people.  I have 1100 something friends and at least half if not more are locals. I did this every single day until I got through every single person.
The message said this: (for reference this was an old babysitter who is a young, newly graduated from college elementary teacher so it was tailored to her, but this message was sent to every person with a different first paragraph and a different set of 3 “who do you know from….”

Hey Laura, Long time no see girl! Eden mentioned you the other day and I realized how long it’s been. miss you!

I have a quick question for you. You may have seen that I now work for Keller Williams Realty. I am in a work competition of sorts and I am trying to reach my goal for referrals. Out of curiosity (and because I know you know tons of people), who do you know from church…or school…or work…or anywhere that wants to Buy a home, Sell a home, or Invest in Real Estate? If you do, I would so appreciate you passing along their name and phone number or email so I could introduce myself to them.

Thanks so much and I hope to see you soon!


 Every single transaction I got transpired from these messages.  Yes of course I got business from my listings etc, but those listings came from Facebook. The root of all of my business for this year, my very first year, was from Facebook/social media.
I capped in October (should have been long before but a few things fell apart as happens), but more importantly I was #7 in the top 10 producers in my office…and we have some big dogs here.  Being inn top 10 was also one of my year one goals.  My GCI as of the end of October was $87,042.09.  I will finish my first year, 2014, definitely in the $90K’s (knowing this from what I already have in title) and hopefully over $100K, meeting my major goal of 6 figures year one.
Thanks for this Michael Tritthart!   It was all due to a story you told me of a woman who used Facebook for business when I was only in week 3 of being in this business!