Google Map + Review Widget Bundle

$15.00 / month and a $299.00 sign-up fee


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This bundle is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) powerhouse and comes with training to ensure your business succeeds.

What’s included in the bundle:

  • Google Marker Map – You provided us a spreadsheet of addresses/data and we will create a Google Marker Map with it. Comes with monthly updates too! Give us any new data and we will update your map for you. Great for agents and past sold homes!
  • Review Widget – The review widget displays next to the map and can be setup to feed in reviews from up to three sources. Choose between Google, Facebook, Zillow, Yelp, and more. The reviews automatically pull in to your website as new reviews are added to any of your three sources. Google will start adding this to your review page’s search results.

Why is this such an SEO powerhouse? Let’s look at how the reviews work…

In the below GIF, we can see the widget on your website combines all reviews from multiple sources. 21 reviews total; 16 Google, 2 Facebook, and 3 Zillow.

Now let’s look at this review page, and how it appears on Google’s Search results.


We can see that all 21 reviews, from the various sources are all counted together in the Google Search result. This is big! Not only does it have a psychological impact on a user increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) it also helps the search engines algorithm in ranking your site. Having reviews on your site has a positive impact on how the search engine views your site. It show activity, domain authority, and reliability. This alone could give you the edge over competition, and make your site rank higher.

And that’s all just from the reviews. The Google Map adds a whole other level of SEO power. Remember, Google loves nothing more than other Google products all being used and connected together.

Disclaimer: The $15 a month fee covers hosting, security updates and overall widget improvements. Additionally, as part of that fee, MTJK INC will update the Google MyMap Monthly/Quarterly upon receipt of a spreadsheet from the user.  This spreadsheet(s) will contain the updated Buyer and Seller transactions.  If the client decides to cancel the monthly service then the review widget will be deactivated.  The reviews are always yours, on their respective platforms but will not be shown together on your site.