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 I Provide 20 hours of Technology Topics Designed to Improve Your Real Estate Business. 

Training Courses from Michael Tritthart

Training Courses Michael TritthartThe following Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Continuing Education (CE) courses are offered under Keller Williams Realty:

– MTritt Inc., Provider #0378.  TREC Instructor License Number – #1833.  These courses are designed to create a technology foundation for each agent.

7 Ways to Improve Your Business This Year #30579
7 easy (almost to easy to believe) ways to improve your lead generation, streamline your business flow, add to your marketing resources and more.
Two hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

Apps for Real Estate #32037
Manage your business and stay connected to your clients with the latest and great mobile apps.  This class is for both iOS and Droid users.
Two hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

Become Google Great #30580
Learn numerous sites and tools, all from Google that will give you a marketing edge.  Become a better search engine optimized real estate agent.  Become….Google Great!
Two hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

Create a Real Estate Blog Course
In this 3 hour workshop learn everything you need to know about creating a real estate blog.  Receive detailed instruction on the how, what, where and why of real estate blogs and then have time to create your blog entries.

Generate More Leads for Free #30584
This class has a tremendous amount of sites that can be used for lead generation, marketing, hardware/software needs and more.  You will feel empowered after this class!
Two hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

How to Actually Use LinkedIn for Real Estate #32038
One of the biggest mysteries of all on the internet…solved!  Agents will learn the proper way to enhance their LinkedIn profile and maximize the lead capture capability of the platform.
Two hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

I Have the KW Mobile App…Now What? #32106
Understand how to properly set up the KW Mobile App to maximize lead generation.  More importantly, learn various methods of marketing this powerful platform.
Two hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

Lead Generate with Facebook #30103
This workshop will train agents on how to properly engage potential clients on Facebook.  As well as teach the subtle marketing features of Facebook that truly work for Real Estate.  All of this in a workshop mode, allowing agents to apply immediately.
Two hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

Paperless Real Estate with DotLoop
This session is designed to give students the understanding of what is DotLoop and how is it changing real estate.  Students will go through a loop and know what the consumer sees, what the agent on the other end of the deal gets and so much more.  Join the revolution!

Rock Your Real Estate Website #32344
Learn how to access and update the new templates created by Keller Williams Realty International.  Receive in-depth instruction on each step of the website administration tool and receive tips on how to increase traffic and leads, making it an essential part of each agent’s business.
Three hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

Video Marketing For Real Estate #31647
This session will teach you everything you need to know to showcase your business with videos.  During the workshop you will create your own video channel and more!
Two hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

Which Cloud?  Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive? #33306
This session will teach you everything you need to know about which cloud service should you use.  Evernote, DropBox, Drive…or all of them. 
Two hours of TREC CE non-legal credit.

“I just wanted to tell you that yours was the best seminar I have ever been to in my life..that you so much for all of the helpful tips and new knowledge I was able to bring back to my team and Market Center!! I cannot wait to take another one of your classes!!”

“I was pretty “techie”…before I met Michael Tritthart. I heard Michael speak at a breakout at Family Reunion. As soon as I returned to Charlotte, I went to our ALC with a proposal to bring Michael to our Market Center for a 2 day workshop to teach Rock Your eAgencyC website. I sat in the front row, and followed everything he said. I couldn’t believe how much better my website looked and functioned after his workshop…The workshop was so well received by our agents and staff that we invited him back to teach on other topics within six months. HE IS AMAZING!” 

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