Managed Hosting Plus

$100.00 / month


This hosting is for our WordPress websites and includes the following:

  • Everything included in Managed Hosting here.
  • More advanced monthly site performance check and maintenance.
  • Additional layer of security with Cloudflare setup.
  • Free SendGrid (transactional email service) setup for even more reliable emails sent from your website. Good for 100 emails/day. Anything beyond that will have an additional cost per SendGrid’s pricing.
  • Higher priority in queue than managed hosting. For example let’s say somebody has Managed Hosting and you have Managed Hosting Plus. An update comes out that needs to be applied to all sites, yours will go to the top of the list and be handled first. This is also true for support tickets as well.
  • Priority Uptime and Error monitoring. While extremely rare, if there is an error or any downtime on your site a notification will be sent directly to our lead developer so they can handle it ASAP.