Free Google Sites to Help Generate More Business

Google Real Estate Tips

Google Adwords Learn the best keywords to use when advertising on Google.  Example of why Adwords is so important to Google.

Google Alerts  Use this to monitor your market and what is mentioned about you and your business online.

Google Analytics Track all activity to your website with this tool.

Google Blogger A powerful blogging platform. Better SEO with Blogger and Getting started tutorials.

Google Chrome Store – View all of the extensions available.

Google Chrome ExtensionFolio Powerful email to text option

Google Chrome ExtensionSend Your email to SMS Powerful email to text option

Google Dashboard Google owns the world.  Do you want to see how much they own in your world?

Google Domains
Google has jumped into the domain business.

Google Drive Google’s answer to cloud services like Dropbox.  Google Docs now part of Drive.

Google Gmail Gmail received a radical redo in 2018.  25 Tips for the new look of Gmail.

Google Forms Completely custom lead capture forms.

Google G Suite Use an array of business tools to help grow your team.

Google Hangouts Group conversations and easy to voice and video chat.  NOTE – it can affect the use of making calls via Gmail.

Google Hire Step up your recruiting and hiring with this G Suite tool.  

Google Keyword Free tool to determine the keywords people are searching for.

Google Local Guides Great way to dominate your niche market.

Google Maps Use this site to pull up desired maps and frame in on your site using the link option.  Log into Google and learn how to create, customize a Google Map.  Example:  Austin Taco Map.   

Google My Business This will make you money as a business owner.  Essential. 

Google My Business – Request Reviews Link Use the steps on this page to request reviews for your Google My Business Page.  Want to review me?  Click Michael Tritthart Reviews

Google One Share space with your family, contact a Google representative, get benefits and more.

Google Photos Store all of your photos for free, with easy to use options.  Create videos, collages, albums and more.

Google Takeout A free way to export your data from one Google account to another. 

Google Tips Helpful tips on pretty much every Google product.

Google Translate Translate your website to almost any language for free.

Google Transliteration (Input Tools) Translate a message from one language to another.

Google Trends  Compare keywords that be used on your site.

Google Voice This creates one number for all of your numbers and SMS.  It does so much more as well.

Google Webmaster Install this on your site to see view your website through Google’s eyes. 

Google Webmaster Central Blog Want to get better SEO with Google?  Why not learn what to do directly from Google!

Google Web Submission Submit your website’s URL to Google to possibly help with your site ranking.