August 2017 Technology Tidbits – Two New Ways to Hire Talent

Two New Ways to Hire Talent 

Hiring talent should be a constant process.  Doing it the right way can grow your business to new heights and relieve stress; giving you a career worth owning and a life worth living.  Making a hiring mistake can be a living nightmare.  Here are two new ways to hire talent and to assist in making the right choice.
Hire from Google – The new feature in G Suite is currently still in Beta. You can request a demo
Two New Ways to Hire Talent - August 2017 Tech Tidbits from
 of the service.  Sync it with your Google Calendar, Build Long-
Term Relationships with Hire.  It’s a great way to bring talent to your team, but also a great way to build your downline if your brokerage provides that feature.  Check out Google Hire and other Google links on
SmartZip Outreach – Hiring an ISA is absolutely worth it.  However it can be a difficult process to train them on scripts.  Not any more!  SmartZip’s new Outreach program provides everything

that you need, including the scripts.  Once a cold lead becomes a hot lead they will transfer the lead to you, the agent.  If the lead requires long term nurturing they will do that as well!  Pretty amazing program.  Check out all of the SmartZip offerings and other other lead capture tools on

BONUS:  FREE stuff is always good.  Who wants a free month of SmartZip Outreach?  Click this link from a recent lead generation webinar that I did and you can get the first month free.

Offer EXPIRES August 31st

NEW!! Seller Leads Special from

The Michael Tritthart Design Team has created a Seller Leads Special to take your listing inventory to new heights.

  • Custom Designed Placester home pages.  No additional monthly costs for the new designs!
  • 8 Community Pages.  Be the agent of choice when it comes to listing a home. Community pages provide great content and make you the expert in your hyperlocal market!
  • A 2 stage Home Value page.  Super easy for potential sellers to use and NO MONTHLY COST for you!
  • All of this for a one time fee of $1,199.  Unbeatable price, unmatched content.

July 2017 Tech Tidbits – Video Marketing Tips and New Placester Site Designs – now a Placester Certified Partner
Real Training Real Designs Real Results

Dear Michael,

Technology is moving faster than ever. Especially with the new tech initiative coming this year from Keller Williams Realty.  In our workshops, no one gets confused because we provide hands on training.  That is why the workshops we conduct are so valuable to your business.  We have a ton of new locations scheduled already this year.
Check out the current schedule on

A natural fit to all of this is the ONE Thing workshops.  Come join the fun.  Learn how this book and workshop can change your life for the better.  Get one scheduled near you.

Video Marketing Tips for Real Estate

I hope by now you have heard the importance of using video in your real estate marketing.  Just in case you are still holding out against video I brought some support from  Check out the conversion rates below when using video.

On my business page I have added two great articles from Social Media Examiner regarding video tips.

Video #1 – 3 Ways to Easily Caption Social Media Video.  Admit it.  Having captions on your FB videos makes it easy to watch in meeting without getting caught!  Learn how to add the captions to your videos.

Video #2 – How to Repurpose Video Into Valuable Content.  5 great steps on how to easily spice up, cut up your videos and share them in multiple locations.

NEW!! Custom Placester Designs by the Team

The Michael Tritthart Design Team has created a whole new set of custom Placester designs to take your online business to new levels.

  • No additional monthly costs for the new designs!
  • The designs include great custom content that helps to get your site ranked on the first page of Google. Don’t just compete with big online companies. Beat them at their own game with our complete site designs.
  • This month only – the new custom designs offered at $999!
  • $999 for a custom design and content at this level of expertise can’t be beat.

Watch How to Compete With Zillow

What can real estate agents do to stay relevant?

In short, quite a bit.  I created a 4 part series on how agents can compete against Zillow and the like.  WATCH THESE VIDEOS!!

Watch and then act to compete

Part 1 Content over Brand every day
You must have more than a pretty home page.

Part 2 Get Your Data Allies
You can’t compete without help.

Part 3 Google is Your Best Friend
Get the biggest kid on the block to like you.

Part 4 Blog for More Business
The word many agents hate but should love.

Chime “Rings” for Real Estate Teams

Do you hear the “ring?”

One of the questions that I get all of the time in my training workshops is “What is the best CRM out there?”  The answer is as trite as “the one you will use” to as much as me asking tons of questions about their real estate business before answering.  But one of the biggest factors is how many people will be using the CRM.  Is it for one agent, a partner team or a growing team?  The growing team has so many different needs from the other two sizes.  And many times, those needs are not met by the CRM options out there.  Not anymore, is a CRM truly built for larger teams.  Another big bonus with them?  It is a CRM built mobile first.  Check out the video below for an overview and go to Chime to request a demo.

Michael Tritthart Webinar Recap: Top Tech Tips to Help Dominate 2017

Real Estate Technology with SmartZip

This week, ace trainer and coach Michael Tritthart shared his five tips for nailing tech in 2017. But don’t worry, leveraging technology doesn’t have to mean learning code or building apps. In most cases, Michael shared tips that help you get more from the tasks you’re already performing every time you get a new lead or client.

Here are Michael’s top five tech tips for 2017.

1. Skip Photoshop. Use BoxBrownie

If you have a lackluster photograph or floor plan, BoxBrownie can make it shine in mere seconds. Each type of photo or project has its own low price, allowing you to boost the appeal of your listings, social media posts and more. Here’s a quick review of some of their best rates:

  • Background removal: 80 cents

  • Image enhancement: $2.40

  • Day to dusk: $4.00

  • Floor plans: $24.00 to go from a Xerox’d black and white to a room-by-room showcase

BoxBrownie is perfect for agents who haven’t learned how to use Photoshop, or who are hoping to avoid the high price of keeping a designer on contract.

2. Adding community pages to your site

 If you’re still looking for your “One Thing,” Tritthart says it may be time to go fully local. And a great way to get started is to select a niche (or several), then create hyperlocal pages that show your expertise and service.

The hardest part, of course, is getting started from a blank page. Thanks to Michael, you don’t have to! He’s created a blog or neighborhood page template that allows you to fill in the blanks (and especially the keywords) about your favorite local traditions, parks, dining and more.

Here are Michael’s local pages templates, which are housed in Google Drive. For even more ideas on how to capture new leads online, check out additional resources here.

Here’s an example of an agent who used Michael’s template to create several neighborhood pages on her site. Visit her site here.

Psssst! Don’t forget the CTAs

Be sure to give people a chance to convert on your site. Whether you’re using SmartZip’s Smart Home Price landing page or another offer, it’s important to give your leads a way to get even more value from you as you capture their information.

3. Find a niche, use it as a funnel on Google

When people are searching for a new agent, they won’t know to look for your name. Still, many agents focus on pushing their name as the #1 search term on Google.

Another option, of course, is to select a term that many locals will google as they search for real estate — and then tie that term to your business.

Michael gave the example of Barbara Prinsell, a Texas agent who has attached her business to the online term “Patio Homes,” which is a type of McMansion home that is common in her market area. On average, Barbara says that only 1 in 10 of the buyers and sellers she works with are “Patio Home” transactions, but the term acts as a funnel to bring in local clients who think they may be interested in buying one.

What’s the “one thing” you could be known for online? Test out this metatag generator, which can help you determine your new online niche.

4. Create a custom Google map

Michael told a great story about an Austin, Texas, agent who created an “Austin Taco Map” on Google. It started out as a way to show her clients where all the best taco places in the area were, so they could plan their home purchases accordingly. (As Michael says, if you’ve been to Torchy’s Tacos, you’ll understand.)

But Google Maps isn’t only meant to show off taco joints. It can be a place to geographically show anything, including:

  • Your past home sales in a specific area (example)

  • Your favorite local museums, walking paths, restaurants and more

  • A driving list of new listings for buyers who want to attend 6 open houses in one day

Plus, Google loves to reward its users. So every time you create a map, you can also add a quick profile and a backlink to your site, helping you to attract new visitors who may not find you otherwise.  Check out how agent Ryan Rite created a map that offers distinct information about every neighborhood and school in his area.


5. Become a Google local guide

Google seems to have given up on Google+ as a social network, but they are still committed to being the go-to spot for local reviews. And one way they’re going after Yelp is through Google Local Guides, where users submit information, reviews and more about the places they’ve visited.

By offering reviews, you can earn rewards from Google (like free Google Drive space) while subtly reinforcing that you’re a local expert even when you’re not talking about real estate.

Michael had a few tips for becoming a Google Local Guide. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Keep it pleasant. You’re representing your business, so only review places that you can write about positively. In other words, review the donut shop you love, not the one you hate.

  2. Mention that you’re a real estate agent without making it the focus of the review. For example, say, “Rosie’s Diner is the first place I take my out-of-town real estate clients. I’ve never had a bad experience and the inviting atmosphere is so representative of the Harbor Bay Community. Every client is always so excited to be moving here after we leave Rosie’s.”

  3. Try adding a watermark to photos you upload. Local photos are going to get a lot of views, so you may want to include a watermark that identifies you and your business on the photo. Michael mentioned that he has tried a few different approaches, including a large black banner in the middle of his photos. Remember to do what feels right to you.

Get ahead in 2017!

These five tips will surely boost your 2017 business and help you to identify more buyer leads

And, if you’re looking for ways to identify sellers near you and from your sphere, it may be time for predictive analytics.

Reach out, mention Michael Tritthart and receive a free territory analysis! Quick, before your competitors get there first.

February ’17 Tech Tidbits –


It is the best of times (Valentine’s Day this month, Keller Williams Family Reunion in Vegas!)


It is the worst of times (Football is almost over.)



Regardless, it’s time to make 2017 the best year for your business.



Technology is moving faster than ever. In my workshops, no one gets confused because we provide hands on training.  That is why the workshops I conduct are so valuable to your business.  We have a ton of new locations scheduled already this year: El Paso, TX, York, PA, Los Gatos, CA and Bel Air, MD just to name a few.



A natural fit to all of this is the ONE Thing workshops.  Come join the fun and learn how this book and workshop can change your life for the better.  ONE Thing sessions for Lexington and Louisville are coming up in March.  Get one scheduled near you.

Be Somebody!  At least online.

Meta Tag Generator
Probably one of the biggest amounts of questions I receive in training sessions come from

when we discuss Meta Tags.  It can be difficult for agents to understand the proper titles and descriptions to use.  This website allows you to focus on your desired keyword and then it creates unique titles and descriptions around it.  Perfect to use on all of the pages of your website.  Be somebody by having your website found on search results.

Be unique on social media.  You hear that often, but it can be difficult to always create original information.  That is where CapZool comes in to help.  The have a directory of posts that are professional in look and content.  You can pull from any category that they offer.  Be somebody by having interesting social media posts that do not contain the words Trump or Clinton!

Michael Tritthart Design Team – New Design Layouts for Placester


The Michael Tritthart design team is excited and honored to be part of the Placester Certified Partner program.  We have rolled out NEW, CUSTOM designs for the Placester platform.  Click the link below to learn more about the services that we are offering.

January 2017 Technology Tidbits – Facebook/Photo Tips – Placester Design Special
Real Training Real Designs Real Results
Michael Tritthart - January 2017 Tech Tidbits


ONE Thing Workshops - Michael Tritthart

Happy New Year to everyone.  It’s time to make 2017 the best year for your business. Technology is moving faster than ever.  That is why the workshops that I conduct are so valuable to your business.

A natural fit to all of this is the ONE Thing workshops.
Come join the fun and learn how this book and workshop can change your life for the better.

Check out the current schedule on

Complete Guide of Facebook Ad Targeting

The Most Complete List Ever…Until Facebook Changes Again.

Facebook Ad Targeting – Complete Guide
Facebook ads can be some of the best marketing tools out there.  But there are a ton of marketing demographics, connections, interests, behaviors, etc. to choose from.  It can feel overwhelming.  This list will give you every different option that you can target.  Kudos to for creating this comprehensive list.

Facebook Tips - January 2017 Technology Tidbits

Photo Tools to Rock Your Marketing

Images are the first impression.  Make them count.

Below are two tools that will help you with that impression.  One of them will actually pay you if are a good photographer!

This a new photo pay site.  But with a twist.  Download their app for Apple or Droid and then upload your best photos from your phone.  Homes, sunsets, friends, selfies, animals, you name it.  If someone chooses to use your photo then you get paid!  Go to their site and click on the photographer icon in the top right to download the app. - Michael Tritthart. January 2017 Technology Tidbits

This is a very affordable site for photo enhancements.  Use it before loading to Foap.  No need to learn Photoshop or have someone on staff that can do it.  Just leverage out the changes for a few dollars.  The can turn a house shot from day to dusk for $4, fix an ugly copy of a floor plan for $24 and add virtual furniture for $32! - Michael Tritthart. January 2017 Technology Tidbits

Michael Tritthart Design Team
Design Team -


The Michael Tritthart design team is excited and honored to be part of the Placester Certified Partner program.  Click the link below to learn more about the services that we are offering.
Placester Certified Partner -
Thanks for being on my mailing list and I hope that you find this information valuable to your business.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or any of your business needs.  My team and I are here to help you.Sincerely,

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