KW Allen | November 14, 2017 | Rock Your Placester Website-Part 1

11.14.17 - KW Allen - Rock Your Placester Site Pt1

Rock Your Placester Site – Part 2

Host: Keller WIlliams Allen

Date: Tuesday, November 14


9:00 am – 12:30 pm One on Ones

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm Rock Your Placester Site – Part 1

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm One on Ones

Cost: No Cost to Attend – Open to All Agents

Location: 1002 Raintree Circle Suite 100 Allen, TX 75013

Facebook Lead Generation | Become Google Great | November 3

Facebook Lead Generation | Become Google Great

Facebook Lead Generation & Become Google Great

KW Hagerstown | October 26, 2017 | Power of KW Tech

10.26.17 - KW Hagerstown - Power of KW Tech

Power of KW Tech

Host: Keller Williams Hagerstown

Date: Thursday, October 26

Schedule:  9:00 am – 4:00 pm Power of KW Tech

Cost: $35


Location: USMH, 32 W Washington St, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Fast Pass Placester Website – Agent Branding and Custom Content Site

Fast Pass Placester Website

Fast Pass Placester Website –

Fast Pass Placester Website – The design team recently completed custom work on the website.  This is one of the new Fast Pass designs for the Placester platform, which is built on a WordPress backbone.  The Fast Pass site consists of a custom branded agent site, combined with unique local content.  All of this is $499 and is built in 7 business days or less.  This is the perfect combination for real estate agents.  For more details contact with us here at the design team for details on the easy process.

Fast Pass Placester Website
Fast Pass Placester Website

KW Greenville Upstate | October 19, 2017 | Generate More Leads For Free

KW Greenville Upstate | October 19, 2017

Generate More Leads For Free

KW Greenville Upstate | October 19, 2017 | Generate More Leads For Free

Host: Keller Williams Greenville Upstate

Date: Thursday, October 19

Schedule: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Generate More Leads For Free

Cost: $50


Location: 403 Woods Lake Rd. Suite 100 Greenville SC 29607

This class has a tremendous amount of sites that can be used for lead generation, marketing, hardware/software needs and more. You will feel empowered after this class!

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Generate More Leads For Free | KW Easton | Tuesday, October 17

RMS Mortgage | KW Easton | October 17, 2017

Generate More Leads For Free

Generate More Leads For Free | RMS Mortgage | Keller Williams Easton

 October 17, 2017

Host: RMS Mortgage & Keller Williams Easton

Date: Tuesday, October 17

Schedule: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Generate More Leads For Free

Cost: No Cost to Attend


Location: 574 Washington St Easton MA 02375

This class has a tremendous amount of sites that can be used for lead generation, marketing, hardware/software needs and more. You will feel empowered after this class!

Generate More Leads For Free Part 2 | KW Allen | 10/13/17

KW Allen | Oct 13

Generate More Leads For Free – Part 2

Host: Keller Williams Allen

Date: Friday, October 13


9:00 am – 11:00 am One on Ones

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Generate More Leads For Free Part 2

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm One on Ones

Cost: No Cost to Attend – Open to All Agents

Location: 1002 Raintree Circle Suite 100 Allen, TX 75013

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Generate More Leads For Free Part 1 | KW Allen | 10/6/17

KW Allen | Oct 6

Generate More Leads For Free – Part 1

Host: Keller Williams Allen

Date: Friday, October 6


9:00 am – 11:00 am One on Ones

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Generate More Leads For Free Part 1

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm One on Ones

Cost: No Cost to Attend – Open to All Agents

Location: 1002 Raintree Circle Suite 100 Allen, TX 75013

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Generate More Leads For Free | KW SA Heritage | October 4, 2017

KW SA Heritage | October 4, 2017 | Generate More Leads For Free

Generate More Leads For Free

Generate More Leads For Free | KW SA Heritage

October 4, 2017

2 hrs TREC CE Credit #30584 MTritt Inc., Provider #0378. TREC ILN #1833

Host: Keller Williams SA Heritage

Date: Wednesday, October 4

Schedule: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Generate More Leads For Free

Cost: $50


Location: 2338 North Loop 1604 W #120 San Antonio, TX 78248

This class has a tremendous amount of sites that can be used for lead generation, marketing, hardware/software needs and more. You will feel empowered after this class! 

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Evernote For Everything in Real Estate | Capital Title Plano | October 3, 2017

Capital Title Plano | October 3, 2017

Evernote For Everything in Real Estate

Evernote For Everything in Real Estate | Capital Title Plano

October 3, 2017

2 hrs TREC CE Credit #29743 MTritt Inc., Provider #0378. TREC ILN #1833

Host: Capital Title Plano

Date: Tuesday, October 3

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Topic:  Evernote for Everything in Real Estate

Cost: $20


Location: SMU Plano – Building 4 –  5236 Tennyson Pkwy Plano, TX 75024

This workshop is designed to give students what they need to know and how to be successful in real estate with Evernote and the related apps.

Click Here to Schedule a Workshop at Your Market Center!

KW Little Rock | Sept 26-27 | Power of KW Tech & Rock Your Placester Website

Sep 26-27 - KW Little Rock- Power of KW Tech & Rock Your Placester Website

2 Day: Power of KW Tech & Rock Your Placester Website

Host: Keller Williams Little Rock

2 Day Schedule

Tuesday, September 26 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm | Power of KW Tech

Wednesday, September 27 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm | Rock your Placester Website

Cost: No Cost to Attend


Location: AR Realtors Association 11224 Executive Center Drive, Little Rock, AR 72211

Fast Pass Placester Website Designs – Only $499


Fast Pass Placester Website Designs – Only $499

Placester Website Designs Update: Branded Agent Placester sites designs for only $499?  Wait…what?  We listened to the agents.  They wanted a custom look with original content, while leading with revenue.  We introduce you to the Fast Pass.  This is designed to deliver the customization, all while watching the bottom line.  This is perfect for new agents, agents who want to look great online but not have to manage or build the sites.  Most importantly, it’s called Fast Pass for a reason.  Give us the login info that we need, answer a few questions and your site will be built and ready to go in 7 days!  Start the easy process by going to Fast Pass

Placester Website Designs and Content for Only $499
Placester Website Designs – Custom Designs and Content for Only $499!


Enhanced Agent Site – Branding and Content

Placester Enhancement by the team

New Agent Site for Tenesha Lusk – Great Branding and Content

We are here to take your business to new heights with enhanced branding and content.  The design team just recently finished enhancement work on the website for Tenesha Lusk with Keller Williams Realty Plano, TX.  Tenesha provides real estate services for all of North Texas and her new website supports.  Tons of information about many of the communities within North Texas.  Click the website image below to view her website.  Need help in improving the online presence for your business?  Contact my team via this site and we will reach out with details.

Placester Enhancement by the team

KW Placester Websites – NAR Placester Websites Comparison List

KW Placester Sites Vs NAR Placester Sites

KW Placester Websites Compared to NAR Placester Websites

Here is a thorough comparison provided by Keller Williams Realty and Placester.  The key to these sites is to build amazing content in addition to your branded look.  Here are just a few of the samples that the design team has created.  Fill in the Placester Site Form to start the process to a fully complete site for your business.

Placester Sites

KW Placester Sites Vs. NAR Placester Sites. Completed Samples by Design Team
KW Placester Sites Vs. NAR Placester Sites

New Agent Branded Placester Site Enhancement

Rownin Associates Site by
Placester Site Enhancement by

Here is a new Placester enhanced site by the design team. is for Rownin Associates; who provide real estate services for the Trumbull, CT area.  The website includes a free home evaluation for those looking to sell their home and town pages.  The town pages contain active listings for Trumbull, Monroe, Shelton CT and other nearby towns.  Local information for each town is included.  Buyer/Seller resources and testimonials round out this full service CT area real estate site.  For more details on our design services contact us at

Rownin Associates Site by

Overland Park Real Estate Branding- Stunning Agent Site designed by designed by

Overland Park Real Estate Site Enhancement is a recently enhanced real estate site for the Overland Park, KS – Kansas City area real estate market. is a Placsester site platform that was enhanced by the design team.  The Michael Tritthart team designs custom WordPress websites.  They also enhance a multitude of Placester and platforms.

This is Why You Schedule a Michael Tritthart Workshop for Your Agents!

Check out these results from a morning’s worth of work in a Michael Tritthart workshop. These are pretty typically results. Hands on workshop = more leads every time. If your office hasn’t scheduled a session yet, look at how much opportunity the agents are missing out on. Contact Michael know for more details.

Enhance Your Placester Website – KWFR 2017 Las Vegas

Michael Tritthart’s Placester Website Enhancement and Marketing Tips from Keller Williams Realty 2017.

In this video Michael discusses tips on how to improve the image/lead capture capability of the Placester platform.  He then shares Google SEO tips, how to focus on your niche market, blogging techniques and more.  This session is just a brief snippet of the full day, hands-on workshop that he provides all across the United State.  Fill in this form to inquire about bringing this class out to your area.


This Month in Real Estate – Keller Williams Realty Video Codes

This Month in Real Estate Video Codes - MichaelTritthart.comThis Month in Real Estate Codes are provided by Keller Williams Realty for their agents.  Use these codes to add the videos to your websites.  Open the source code of a page on your site and copy/paste.  The best part about these codes is that the videos will auto update monthly around the 6th day of each month.


<iframe allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true” scrolling=”no” src=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”240″ width=”426″></iframe>

<iframe allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true” scrolling=”no” src=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”240″ width=”426″></iframe>


<iframe allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true” scrolling=”no” src=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”240″ width=”426″></iframe>

December 2016 Technology Tidbits

Build That Brand Of Yours
Brand creation sounds so easy, yet many struggle with on a daily basis.  Sites like can help IF you know what you want.  Sometimes you need help in creation and ongoing building of the brand.  Here are 3 suggestions to help you:

1.  Get an Expert Brand Developer My design team has the great fortune of bringing on a brand and logo design expert to our team.  He has worked for years helping business in all industries.  He is offering 3 levels of consultation to get you the perfect brand.  View the design levels here.

2.  Google to the rescue – Google has made the Nik Collection free.  Great, awesome..what is it? It is a collection of powerful photo editing software tools.  Perfect for the DIYs in the room to use when building their brand.  Check out the Nik Collection and other powerful tools from Google.

3.  Market that Brand! – eZy Watermark is an iPhone/Droid App that makes it super easy to watermark your photos.  I started doing this for all of my travel photos.  When I review a place on Google Local Guides, I add a water marked photo(s) to the reviews.  I have been doing this for 6 months and I over 10,000 views off of 66 photos.  Free marketing!

If you don’t know how to set up Google Local Guides or maximize the other free tools from Google, you are truly missing out.  That is one of my most popular classes.  Contact me and we can get that session out to you.

However, even before getting Google set up you have to get that brand created.  You, your assistant, your 12 yr. old IT genius, my design team, whoever it is.  It doesn’t matter, just get it done for your 2017 business.  Hopefully these options will help you move forward on that.

Underestimate Keller Williams at Your Own Risk – INMAN NEWS

Transparency, Sharing & Peer Teaching Core to Company’s Success

By Brad Inman of Inman News –  In 2005, two years before the U.S. housing market collapsed, Keller Williams co-founder and company guru and evangelist Gary Keller sent an email to his troops with the warning that “storm clouds are coming.”
The evidence is in: After two decades of real estate industry innuendo, gossip and cheap shots, real estate giant Keller Williams has not only defied the critics but has begun to dust many of its competitors, growing at warp speed with a strong mix of culture and a business model that is winning.
In the past two years, Keller Williams has grown its agent count from 78,303 to 110,447, an increase of 41 percent. During that time, it became the largest real estate franchise in North America. Keller Williams is growing at approximately four times the rate of membership as the National Association of Realtors.
Keller Williams is demonstrating that it is a very smart company, hiding behind its humble and sometimes folksy corporate imagery, and it is executing on its vision with deliberateness and on its plan that does not waver too much, including its unapologetic commitment to the agent.


“KW provides agents with lead generation, team building and economic models necessary to build a successful business, with the brand being the agent or team, NOT KW,” said top producing agent Sue Sue Adler, CEO, The Sue Adler Team Courtesy: Keller WilliamsAdler, who also is the founder of Hear it Direct. She credits Keller with spawning a spirit of entrepreneurship at the company that encouraged her very successful HID initiative.
Around KW headquarters, feel-good slogans are common, but harder-nose axioms like lead with revenue are also part of the firms results-driven culture. It is that artful mix of a fanciful vision with repeatable business tactics that has suddenly made the company the real estate franchise to watch, emulate and catch up with.
Poised for growth
KW’s actions during the Great Recession put in place a foundation for industry-leading growth when the housing market began to recover two years ago.
“Through its efforts, Keller Williams emerged from the recession in a strong competitive position,” reads a case study from the Stanford Business School from 2011. “While its top three competitors (Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and Re/Max) closed a combined 160 offices, Keller Williams grew its office count from 660 in 2007 to 680 by 2010. While Keller Williams boosted its agent count, these competitors shed 38,000 agents.”
These impressive results also are changing how the company maps outs its future and its image. Company leaders emphasize their systems and a unique business model and less on the touchy-feely messages that the firm has been known for. They have also toned down their profit-sharing mantra that sometimes was described by its most cynical detractors as at best a multilevel marketing promise and at worse a pyramid scheme.
“Regarding profit sharing, people who are not in KW really don’t understand it. At other real estate companies you are only as good as your last sale,” said Adler. “Not here.”
Chris Heller, President, Keller Williams Courtesy: Keller WilliamsKW President Worldwide Chris Heller added, “Profit sharing creates a dynamic where everyone is on the same footing. Instead of people sitting across from each other fighting over commissions, we are all on the same page.”
In the past 12 months, the company shared $91.8 million with its agents through its Profit Share and Growth Share programs. Since the Profit Share program’s inception in 1996, the company has distributed $500 million through its equity-sharing program.
The Keller Williams operating model relies on economies of scale and a cultural model that relies on, “the principles of profit sharing, interdependence and success through the efforts of others,” according to the Stanford Case.
How it works
In mid-1980s, Gary Keller operated his small real estate company in Austin,Texas. At the time, he discovered that he was losing his top agents to a rapidly growing Re/Max franchise in the area. Re/Max was offering 100 percent commission, which made Keller Williams’ 50 percent splits look meager. Keller then created a system that would encourage people to stay, but more importantly it provided a sustainable competitive advantage in the real estate brokerage industry.
Disciplined splits are a big part of the KW formula, not 100 percent agents wandering around, say company officials.
From the Stanford case:
The commission split that Keller Williams offered agents is a hybrid of that offered by traditional franchises and 100 percent commission organizations. The Keller Williams agent/Keller Williams Realty receives a 70/30 commission split from the first dollar of gross commission income (GCI) generated. The agent was responsible for paying a franchise fee to the international office each year, which was capped at $3,000. The agent was also responsible for paying a fee to the market center, referred to as company dollar. The company dollar was also capped, at a level that varied by region, with areas with high average home prices having a higher cap to account for the general higher cost of doing business in such areas.
Keller Williams offers a second source of income — profit share — to its agents. The formula is based on: each agent recruited to the company, the productivity of those agents, and the cash profits generated by each market center. This formula gives agents credit not only for the productivity of agents they directly recruited but also agents that those agents recruited in an elaborate step function that extends seven levels. All market centers used the same profit share calculation:
  • 25 percent of the first $2,990 in market center profit is contributed to the profit share pool
  • 35 percent of the next $8,250 is then contributed to the pool
  • 50 percent of any profit above $11,240 is also contributed to the pool
Importantly, a Keller Williams agent who retired from the company would continue to receive profit share so long as the agents they recruited remained with the company. This policy represented a rare form of residual income in an industry where agents typically saw their income stop entirely upon retirement.
Guru, motivator with cult-like following
In 2002, Gary Keller delivered a speech at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference.
The procedure for speakers was to enter from behind the stage in a formal, somewhat typical way for professional events. I explained the protocol to Gary, but he said he preferred to enter from the back of the room. “Egads,” I thought, “like a prizefighter before a boxing match.”
He ignored my direction and entered from the back.
That moment gave me pause about Gary Keller — was he some sort of evangelist or egomaniac, or was this episode instead symbolic of his true feelings about the industry, come up from the ranks (in this case the agents in the audience) not making a grand entrance from behind the stage like some big shot?
“Gary has an incredible mind,” said longtime business associate Paul Wylie, co-manager of Wystein Opportunity Fund LLC, a residential real estate investment fund. “He understands the importance of continually improving, is a natural teacher and has a long-term horizon that is unparalleled in real estate.”
Despite hero worship inside KW, Keller is also known for being a tough taskmaster and a tad awkward in social settings. He occupies an office in the basement of KW headquarters in Austin, again reinforcing his contrarian style.
Keller is treated like a guru inside the KW “family,” which is why some cynical outsiders whisper the word cult. But that is a cheap shot — the company has built an enviable culture and a seemingly bulletproof business model that many smart people believe in. Unlike a pyramid scheme or even a shaky multilevel marketing operation, KW is a business machine that is driven by a strong and passionate culture, which accounts for its staggering growth in shaky times.
Agent adulation


“I am with Keller Williams because Gary Keller wrote the millionaire real estate agent book,” said KW top producer Ben Kinney, who won the Inman Innovator Award in 2014. “After reading the MREA book I learned that Gary didn’t mean to name it millionaire real estate agent — what he meant was MRE Ben Kinney, CEO, The Bem Kinney Real Estate Team Courtesy: Keller WilliamsBusiness. “KW s the only company that talks to, trains, and promotes the individual agents business and brand — most other brands believe they are the brand that give agents validity. Not Keller Williams,” he said.
From the outside, KW appears insulated and admittedly private about its affairs and therefore somewhat of an enigma. When I asked Keller Williams President Chris Heller about the private nature of the company, he said, “People first, results follow, and they speak for themselves.”
Though known for its humility in the industry — never being too loud or to full of itself — Keller Williams seems a little more anxious to tell its story, something it does well internally.
Inside the company, transparency, sharing and peer teaching is core to the company’s success and culture.
“KW’s sharing culture expands my mind on a daily basis,” said Adler. “The top agents in the country willingly share their secrets — the learning never stops.”
The words for me that may best describe Keller Williams is earnest enthusiasm. That helps any strategy become a winning plan.
Article by Brad Inman of Inman News and can be viewed in it’s original format at: Underestimate Keller Williams at Your Own Risk

Keller Williams Realty Tops 100,000


Personal Take:  It has been amazing to see and be part of the growth of the company.  Since joining in 2004 it has definitely been a rocket ride to the top.  The biggest accomplishment in my opinion?  Being able, as a company, to keep our culture and value system intact.

Keller Williams, the largest real estate franchise in North America by associate count, announced that as of the end of April, 2014, its worldwide associate count has broken the 100,000 mark at 100,575.


“One hundred thousand is such an important milestone for us because it signals that we are on the verge of becoming the largest real estate company in the world!” said Vice President of Growth John Davis. “Of all the numbers we track, associate count is by far the most important to our model, and we can clearly see that our growth trajectory far surpasses the industry and what any other company in our industry is doing. It’s this growth that has driven our offices to record-breaking profitability and massive productivity gains for our agents.”

During the first quarter of 2014, Keller Williams has already grown by 2.8 percent while membership in the National Association of REALTORS® has shrunk by 2.4 percent. The company’s growth has now outpaced the growth of NAR for 21 consecutive months (every month since July 2012), according to membership numbers on NAR’s Website.

In 2013, NAR as a whole grew by 5 percent. According to public filings by the other major franchises in the industry, RE/MAX grew by 4.7 percent, Century 21 by 3.5 percent and Coldwell Banker by 3.3 percent. During the same time period, Keller Williams experienced 18 percent associate growth.

“Our leadership team and our entire associate base are fired up right now,” said Keller Williams CEO Mark Willis. “Our continued growth over the last few years proves that our models, systems and people are unmatched in the industry. Our leaders are proving that if you believe in a goal and work relentlessly toward it – you can make it happen!”

Last year, Keller Williams announced that it had become the largest real estate franchise by associate count in North America, as well as its intention to grow to No. 1 in the world by associate count, followed by closed units, and then by closed sales volume.

At the end of 2013, KW also announced:

Posted on May 7, 2014 by adminkwblog

KW Honolulu Officially Opens

Young couple looking for real estate with female realtor

Young couple looking for real estate with female realtorPersonal note: I had the opportunity to come out and train the core group of agents on eEdge technology in January, 2014.  What a smart, motivated group of agents and the leadership/ownership at the office/regional level is amazing.    They will have tremendous success in helping their clients and achieving their personal/office goals.  I look forward to coming out and training again in the near future.

Article from Bill Cresenzo

Keller Williams Realty is opening a full-service franchise in Honolulu this week, with Kevin Miyama, the immediate past president of the Honolulu Board of Realtors, leading a group of 140 agents he and co-leader Colette Ching have been quietly recruiting for the past eight months.

Miyama and Ching, a Hawaii native who started her career here and has spent more than 25 years in California with Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams, will open a 7,000-square- foot office at 1347 Kapiolani Blvd., on Wednesday.

“We kept it on the down low for quite some time,” Ching said. “We basically do all of our reruiting before we open our offices.”

Miyama has has spent the past two-and-a-half years with Prudential Locations, where he was a business coach. Before that, he spent nine years at Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties as an assistant area office manager.

Miyama said that his former boss, Prudential Locations CEO Bill Chee, knew about his plans to leave, but Miyama said that he did not recruit from Prudential because of a non-compete clause.

“I just respected Bill and what he had done for me, and I stayed within the confines of my non-compete clause,” Miyama said.

Keller Williams already has an office on Maui. It had a satellite office on Oahu that closed last August, Miyama said, adding the new office is the company’s first full-service franchise on Oahu.

The franchise now has 114 listings. About 35 of its agents are newly licensed, Ching said.

Bill Cresenzo covers residential real estate and transportation issues for Pacific Business News.

Keller Williams Realty’s Google Migration Largest in Real Estate History


It’s not just industry-leading technology like eEdge – the all-in-one lead-to-close agent business solution – that’s setting Keller Williams Realty apart. Innovative at its core, the company has embarked on a new mission: moving away from its old Webmail system to a highly collaborative and incredibly flexible communication and productivity platform.

Creating innovative products and solutions for 93,000 associates scattered across four continents doesn’t happen easily. Which is why Keller Williams enlisted the help of Google’s Enterprise solutions.

Nathan Rader, Keller Williams Realty’s Southwest Google Apps sales manager, has been with Google for almost six years. He’s had his hands in more than 20 migrations, moving organizations of all shapes and sizes – including a real estate investment and property group with 3,000 employees – over to Google’s cloud-based enterprise infrastructure.

The KW Blog Editorial Team spoke with Rader recently to find out what it took to move Keller Williams associates over to Google Apps for Business and how agents can get up and running on their core Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Talk Apps.

What made Keller Williams Realty’s migration unique?

Rader: I’ve never seen an organization so focused on using technology and innovation as a competitive advantage for numerous people distributed over disperse geographic locations.

How many Google team members worked on the KW migration?

Rader: Six team members from Google have been involved in this project. As you might expect with a project of this scale, the team hailed from all over the country, including Fort Worth and Austin, Texas as well as Mountainview, Calif.

You attended Mega Camp 2013. What was your impression of our second largest event?

Rader: Mega Camp was an absolutely incredible experience. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak to over 10,000 agents. The excitement and passion for their business was infectious. I could smell in the air the love for KW and building a legacy in their local real estate market.


Nathan Rader speaking at Keller Williams Realty’s Mega Camp in September 2013

What were the most popular questions you received at the KW Technology booth?

Rader: The most prevalent question was, “How soon can I get this?” I also had a lot of people interested in how all the contacts will be synced to their smart phones.

And how can they?

Rader: It’s actually pretty simple. And while I won’t go into exact details here, agents can find directions on the myKW Intranet or by visiting the recommended Google Labs.

What’s your favorite KW Google Apps for Business feature?

Rader: I am still amazed by the speed and relevance of the search function across the products. I have totally changed the way I work and no longer use folders to organize anything. I love being messy in my email and just lazily leaning on Google to help me find anything I need, fast.

What tips do you have for our associates during the first 30 days?

Rader: Don’t be afraid to try new things. Take 15 minutes a week to play around with all the features, labs and tools. I promise your agents they will find at least two things that they can’t live without.

Just like KW, we understand culture is a big part of Google. What’s your favorite thing about the Google culture?

Rader: I love the openness and transparency of our culture. We are provided an incredible amount of insight and knowledge about all the good and the bad. I love being able to see what is going on behind the scenes of such a fascinating company.

KW Technology


One of the greatest expenses real estate agents can face in their real estate career, is the ongoing costs of utilizing the essential technologies for effectively running a successful real estate business.   These real estate technology tools can range from online lead generation to database management to real estate transaction management.   A recent poll revealed that the average real estate associate pays approximately $315+ a month for technology tools. On the other hand, Keller Williams real estate associates pay only $15 a month for KW eEdge and $10 a month for KW eAgentC.  Get an inside look below at the breadth of KW | Technology available to KW associates versus industry standards.

What is KW eEdge?


The Real Estate Industry’s First & Only Complete Lead To Close Realtor Business Solution



KW eEdge is the real estate industry’s first and only complete lead-to-close agent business solution — including a full realtor lead management system, contact management system, customizable marketing library and a paperless real estate transaction workflow. Exclusively for KW associates, Keller Williams eEdge saves our real estate sales associates time, money, and effort by reducing redundancies in their work day and allowing our real estate agents to do what they do best — list and sell homes and shine with their clients.