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Tech workshops taught via hands-on on learning is the best type of training for many types of topics.  Technology is no different.  In my workshops, students will go hands-on with my training format of Tell-Show-Do.  Agents attending these sessions walk out feeling empowered that they actually apply what was learned.  Agents who attend do not have to be “techy.”  By using Tell-Show-Do in the sessions, agents are allowed to go at their own pace.  Assistants are also welcome to attend with the lead agents.
Some of the records from the workshop:
  • 63 Listings in 1 hour for 1 agent
  • An $8.5 million dollar buyer in 30 minutes
  • Leads in 20 seconds or less
  • A brand new agent who earned over $100k her first year just from the Facebook techniques I taught her.
  • Another new agent who had 0 clients and was almost out of the business.  Attended my sessions and 3 weeks later generated over 30 leads from LinkedIn.

Training - Tech Workshops with Michael Tritthart

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