Hardware & Software

111 Keyboard Shortcuts The hidden world uncovered.

Adblock Plus The best thing since sliced bread and it is FREE!

Asana.com A shared task list for your team.   

BeLarc.com Do a PC audit on your system that will tell you everything about your machine.

CNet.com A great hardware/software review site.

Dragon Dictation A voice to text, free mobile software

Dropbox This program allow you to easily store, sync and share files from one machine to another all on a secure web based platform.

Fantastical Meet your new assistant.  Flexbits/Fantastical.  The Mac calendar you’ll actually enjoy using!  They now have an app for your iPhone!

Fax Burner App allow you to take a picture, convert to PDF and fax directly from your mobile device.

Gigster Hire a quality developer in minutes.

Glaryutilities.com This is #1 free, powerful and all-in-one utility in the world market! It offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.

Go2Convert.com This handy little site allows you to convert file formats into other formats in a matter of seconds. 

IRIScan Scan your documents and business easily with this portable scanner.

JourneyEd.com A site that offers discounts for trainers AND students K-12.

Livescribe.com Great for taking notes during training sessions, meeting and more.  Auto records every word!

LogMeIn.com Log in anywhere, anytime to your devices.

MacWorld Everything you need to know about Macs, including reviews.

MonoPrice.com A great site for hardware and tech accesories.

Mozilla Plugin Check  Make sure that Firefox is running all of the newest 3rd part plugins.

NewEgg.com A great resource site for all types of tech purchases.

PCWorld Reviews and everything you need to know about PCs.

Puffin Browser For $2.99 this app is a browser that will show all Abobe Flash Products on Apple and Droids.  Apple users:  feel free to start crying with joy.

Shoeboxed This app manages your receipts.

User Agent Switcher A great way to show a mobile version of your site on your laptop.  Improve your presentations!

Woot.com A great site to find deals for tech products and more.

Xmarks A FREE Bookmark syncing tool.  A huge time-saver!

YippieMove Migrate your email and attachments from one email system to another.

ZenDesk.com Help desk software that keeps a copy of past requests.  Perfect for offices and teams.