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3D Technology Soon this will be the norm.  Companies like MatterPort and 3DVista are pushing the boundaries.

40 Sites for Free Stock Photos A great resource from Placester.

Adobe Voice Tell your story in a unique way. The end of slideshows.  Create FREE 30 second videos or pay for the service to have all of the bells and whistles.

BombBomb Video marketing with campaigns. Make amazing photo improvements for house photos for just a little cost!  Items such as Virtual Staging, Image Enhancement, and DaytoDuskWatch this short video to see what it is all about. 

BoxBrownie FREE Email Signature log into your BB account and you can create a signature for free, with directions on how to load it.

Camtasia Video and Photo Editing Powerful, but easy to use editing software.  One time purchase of $199. A very easy site (and Free) to use in creating custom marketing pieces. A very easy site (and Free) to use in reducing the size of photos. 

DotSub Video captioning tool.  Take your English speaking video and subtitle it!  Easy steps to make this happen.

DV Prompter A fully functioning teleprompter scripting app.  Allows you to speed up or slow down the app and help you look professional on video. Create and share your ideas with impressive visuals – For Free!  Here is an example of what you can create.  Dana Gentry’s Path to Selling Your Home. A drag/drop DIY site for your marketing pieces.  Very easy to use. Download free stock photos. A great free photo resource. A great pay online photo resource with a twist.  Download their app and add your great photos to the site and get paid! Create quality video tours for your listings with this company. Home design site.  GREAT site for real estate ideas to share with your client.  Please note: you can’t use this photos for commercial use. Add this Chrome Extension and open directly from the browser. A great hosting alternative for that is real estate friendly. Download unique, high-resolution photos at a minimal cost.  Great for print marketing and websites. Create custom intros to your videos.

KWConnect Personalized Videos Create custom videos with your voice-over work.  Perfect for agents that don’t have time to create the video but want to use video.

Logo Tournament Have 50-200 plus graphic artists and companies bid for your work for as little as $250.  Download free stock photos.

Photobucket Apps for this great online photo site.

Photo Resizer options for Mac users

Photo Resizer for PC users

PicMonkey is an easy, but powerful photo editing tool. 

Pixabay Great resources for FREE photos. Promote your app or mobile responsive site with these specifically designed images.

PowToon Create animated and cartoon images for your presentations. 

RelayThat Easily improve your social media marketing. This overseas company will scan various versions of media.  Secure and cheap.  A great value to share with your clients.

ScreencastOMatic Powerful screen capture option for PC or Mac.

Screenflow Mac users create HD screen videos that loaded easily to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  Very easy to use.  PC user – here are some Screenflow alternatives for Windows.  A great site to compare with

Skitch A Free, powerful screen capture and editing tool that has so many uses.  Acquired by Evernote so it works perfectly with that product as well.

Slidely A Free online photo slideshow maker. This site allows you to capture any image on your screen and modify/add items to it.  Great for presentations, training manuals and marketing.  Create graphics for your blogs, social media posts, website, ads and more. An alternative to YouTube.  Here are some great examples.  Note: has become more realtor friendly lately. Great tool to find out what font you are viewing.  Use this tool or the next one.

What the Font? Find a font that you like.  Upload to this site to determine the style. One of the largest search engines out there.  You can post and/pull videos from to embed into your website or blog.  Here are some great real estate video examples: Power of TeamworkTommy Thompson, Austin Agent Jill

YouTube – Create a Custom URL rules and regulations.

YouTube – Live Stream You can now run live streaming videos on YouTube.

YouTube Free Music Downloads Use these songs for your videos AND items outside of YouTube!