Michael Tritthart Training Testimonials 2018

Michael Tritthart Training Workshops
One of Michael’s Sessions at KW Family Reunion 2018

Training Testimonials – The following are comments about Michael’s sessions at Keller Williams Family Reunion 2018 in Anaheim.  Interested in bringing Michael out for a workshop?  Inquire about Michael’s workshop details.

“AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Best class that I attended at Family Reunion! Michael was so engaging and had an INCREDIBLE knowledge of Facebook and how to generate leads. He went in-depth on strategies that we can implement NOW, which was great. I can’t emphasize enough how much I recommend his class, and that everyone should take his class!”

“Best session of the KWFR for me. Good stuff delivered just amount of information.”

“Michael’s awesome.  great information and explanation.”

“An awesome teacher who empowered us!  The best instructor so far.”

“Great job Michael! You made it easy to understand and applicable to even low tech guys like me.”

“Very energetic, informative and entertaining! I can’t way to attend another one of his classes!”

“Very knowledgeable and always enjoy his sessions”

“Great command of the room and the material. Michael was really funny and offered a ton of great info for improving our websites.”

“Thanks for the simple changes to make our One Thing stand out.”

“Awesome energy.  Always Excellent!!”

“Always the best for websites and tech. He answers all the questions and there are always lots of those from us agents!”

“Excellent, one of the best seminar I took this reunion!”

“Great job presenting ways to drive more traffic to your website and get more noticed in google.  Loved that he said to only take 2 takeaways from class.”

“Great class…high energy, no BS and great resources and tips.”

“He’s a tech rock star!”

“Very informative and clear.  Obviously well educated on the subject matter.”

“What can I say.   Awesome as always”

“Excellent. Well prepared. Engaging. Funny. Relevant. Credible.”


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